System Crasher (Nora Fingscheidt, 2019)

System Crasher is a brazen and unreserved telling of a child whose out-of-control behaviour prevents her from finding any type of permanence. Benni (Helena Zengel) is this story’s nine year-old girl who bounces from home to home, medical facility to medical facility, between blood-family and social worker as her inability to control her highly-emotional and … Continue reading System Crasher (Nora Fingscheidt, 2019)

November (Rainer Sarnet, 2017)

November navigates the lives of poor Estonian villagers through the harsh landscape of a cold winter, stealing and thieving their way through survival. Folklore and traditions dictate their questionable behaviour, offering their blood to the Devil in exchange for a soul to inhabit their Kratt (a man-made and often crudely-constructed thing that aids the villagers … Continue reading November (Rainer Sarnet, 2017)